We are surrounded by sound. It connects us and penetrates us. It binds us together. But in all the noise, we have lost the ability to truly hear. And that’s why Bose has teamed up with the brightest minds from MIT to bring you sound so alive, you’ll feel like you’re right there. In the front row. On the 50-yard-line. Or even in a galaxy far, far away.


Bringing sound to life, the way it was meant to be heard.


Bose. Real. Life. Sound.

James Caffery | Copywriter

Mandana Wright | Copywriter

Rayne Chapman | Art Director

Terrence Scott | Copywriter

Racetrack Transformed Tunnel 

Enter our Bose enhanced tunnel and enjoy a symphonic Real Life Sound experience.

On the starting line of the Bose earcup-shapped tunnel, you'll know when to enter by starter signal lights.


 Travel inside the track and marvel at 180° of racing wall art.


Hear the boom, screech and growl of car engines swelling over excited spectators.